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Feb 2, 2013 4:10pm EST
. we can have a toy ooze city that looks cool. if all this ignores that all of these types of solutions, not a single study show they reduce gun violence or accidents. studies by -- i don't think anyone calls this partisan, they did one of these studies and papers and books and exhaustive research and could not find these sort of gun control measures did anything other than make politicians feel good. at the end of the day, this is about mental illness, it about keeping guns away from kids and felonies living with you and things like that. indeed, in colorado after columbine passed are allegations some called gun rights they have things such as increased tort liability of negligent storage of guns, strengthening restrictions on straw purchases. also, when something is designated a gun-free zone it is a gun-free zone with armed guards at the intenses instead of putting just stickers on the wall. fundamentally, the right to carry. this will reach the supreme court in the next couple of years maybe the next year. it protects the individual rights to keep and bear arms. what does bear arms
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1